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Implement a Web-Catering Order System with Cater Trax Research Paper

Implement a Web-Catering Order System with Cater Trax - Research Paper Example Reasons for cater trax implementation in the department In the catering department at Texas Children’s Hospital, there have been increased demands from our clients. The department has to deal with about three hundred orders daily and even an increased number during the weekends. Meeting the clients’ demands has become a great challenge, due to the increased numbers. Research shows that a number of institutions have overcome this challenge of overbooking with the help of cater trax (Cupps, 1997). This is because cater trax is remarkably helpful in managing high volume orders and hospitality businesses. A number of institutions have employed this system and attained great success out of it. Advantages of using Cater trax over its competitors Cater trax is a web-based software made up of powerful tools built directly within the system. For this reason, it is vital that customers undergo one hour and thirty minutes of training before they are able to use the system. This tr aining is only available for cater trax company customers making the system extremely user friendly. It is essential to note that there are other industry competitors to cater trax (Dickinson, 2011). However, cater trax proves to be the best choice because of its advantages. For example, they offer twenty-four hour customer service whereby users can contact a support team for any questions. Unlike its competitors, it provides two software packages offered at the same time. At one end, customers are able to place their orders in ordering accounts, get their confirmation via their emails and repeat the process if necessary. Consequently, the catering department can run its business smoothly by editing invoices, keeping catering calendars, and receiving reports (Kotler & Bowen, 2006). As a result, the system maintains all food services in an organized manner as well as making it a profitable venture. Other advantages associated with the use of this online catering management software a re that it does not require Information technology management, servers, or special equipment and the ordering prices are fair. The prices for all meals vary from three dollars to seventeen dollars per head depending on the meal. All that is needed to make an order is an internet connection. Upon its installation, it can provide up to the minute reports on all the departments proceedings. Steps to implementing cater trax Since this program simplifies a lot of work, one may think it is difficult to implement. However, it is essential to note that only six simple steps are required to get cater trax implemented. The steps include being registered, gathering information from clients, an integration interview, site construction, training and lastly the site is launched (Welloh, 2011). Upon completion, clients can make orders online. These six processes can be implemented within a very short period of six weeks within which certain milestones are met. Relationship between cater trax and i ts customers Many cater trax users have complete trust on the system because of their continual use. This is because cater trax employees work tirelessly to ensure high levels of security, availability of information and reliability to the users. Success is paramount at cater trax, so all food service providers receive similar attention regardless of the services they offer. On placing orders, customers are ab

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Reasons for Closing Quantanamo Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Reasons for Closing Quantanamo - Research Paper Example These detainees are to offer intelligence that will help the American government deal with the crimes of war and terror. There have been very many reasons why the facility should be closed. Some are from the policy standpoint while others are legal reasons. To date, the facility’s closure has proved to be very difficult. The American government’s main aim is to show the whole world that even in the face of their troubles, they still uphold their values. Keywords: Guantanamo, Closure, Detainees, Detention, Facility Introduction Following the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 in the United States, it was passed by the Congress that there was need for Authorization to Use Military Force (AUMF) (Garcia, Elsea, Mason & Liu, 2009). The military was given the mandate to use all the necessary and appropriate force against those who had planned, committed, or given any assistance in the terrorist attack. Individuals from Afghanistan and other parts of the world, who were ca ptured by the United States Military force during this operation, were relocated to Guantanamo Bay, US Naval station. This facility was used to detain them, and prosecution would follow before the military tribunals (Garcia, Elsea, Mason & Liu, 2009). Since 2002, nearly 800 persons have been brought to Guantanamo. In order to continue their detention, majority of these detainees have been transferred again to a third country. A substantial number of released detainees have also been transferred from Guantanamo. Despite the transfer, there are a number of detainees who remain in the facility. They include: Those who have been placed in preventive detention so as to bar them from going back to the battle field. The nature of this preventive detention is non-penal and must be terminated upon the cessation of hostilities (Garcia, Elsea, Mason & Liu, 2009). Those waiting to be brought before a tribunal, so that they can face charges filed against them such as â€Å"alleged violations of the law of war† (Garcia, Elsea, Mason & Liu, 2009, p. 1). If convicted, these people may be sentenced to life imprisonment or execution. The last category includes those who have been cleared for release or transfer to a different nation. Such persons are such as those who are believed not to have contributed to the hostilities or those who are no longer regarded as threats to US security (Garcia, Elsea, Mason & Liu, 2009). Closing Guantanamo was a stated desire and policy in the administration of President Bush. It was supported by both the republican and the democrat presidential candidates. These were John Mc-Cain and Senator Barack Obama. Guantanamo has been used as a detention facility for terrorist suspects, but there has been the argument that it has been damaging the US national security. In 2008, there was widespread consensus within policy circles that it was supposed to be closed. There is lack of specificity on how to close the institution and at the same time, se ek to protect the real national interests and the security of the citizens of the United States (Mendelson, 2008). This policy of closing the facility has been one of the most difficult and most confronting issues in the United States of America. The current administration has been unable to implement the goal of closing the facility because it has received a lot of opposition. Even though it is the goal of the Americans to close Guantanamo, the United States cannot